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Frequently Asked Questions.
We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we have received about how to use the measurement software.

How do I measure a 2-flute ball nose end mill?

1. Put a point in the center of the screen and zero out coordinates.
2. Select Input Coordinates from the menu bar.
3. Draw in the radius.
Note: Rotating the tool will show if the tool is out of radius
4. Setting radius tolerance setting by clicking on two points.
5. Select mark by split line.
6. Input tolerance setting and then you can measure your tolerance.

How do I measure the outside diameter primary and secondary clearance land width of an end mill?

1. Select the tool bar to automatically select the line, left mouse click, right mouse click and it picks up the average edge.
2. Secondary clearance angle create another line, only choose short distance, then select two lines average distance.
3. Going back to the primary click on the line and get the Helix angle.

How do I measure flute length?

1. Rotate the tool until it is straight up and down.
2. Move the axis over to the edge and zero out X axis.
3. Then move the X axis handle which moves the tool down along the length bringing the tool back to center line to the finish of the primary clearance angle.
4. Which gives the length in the X.

How do I measure notch width?

1. Create a point at the tip of the tool and the end of the notch.
2. The DX shows the straight line distance.

How do I measure primary and secondary rake angle?

1. Bring cutting edge tool to center line.
2. Draw a line.
3. This line gives you the angle.
4. For the secondary angle create another 2 points.

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