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Your industry demands precision equipment

Laser Measuring Technologies Accu-Edge and Accu-Tool are cost-effective precision cutting tool measurement systems designed for your demanding environment.

Cutting Tool Industry

Cutting Tool Industry

Measuring Products designed for the cutting tool industry to make production quicker, easier, and more accurate
Edge Prep Industry

Cutting Tool & Edge Prep

Cutting tool measuring made simple, accurate, fast, and most of all AFFORDABLE!
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Miniaturization Requires High-Quality Tools

With what seems like 1000 cutting tool inspection methods in use today, the Accu-Tool and Accu-Edge by Laser Measuring Technologies simplify tool measurement. Technology is driving manufacturers to create, and consumers to buy micro products. Good quality micro methods and means with higher accuracy are essential to creating these micro products. We use the latest technology in vision and optics to acquire cutting tool images at micro-levels.

Granite Base

Accurate Tools Save Time & Money

There are lower-cost cutting tool measuring systems, however, recalibration must be performed several times a day with other lower-quality cutting tool inspection systems.

The low CLTE of the Laser Measuring Technologies Accu-Tool and Accu-Edge means that they can be located on the shop floor with less of a chance of thermal deviation.

Working on Shop Floor

Thermal Expansion Matters

Thermal growth wasn’t as much of a factor on standard cutting tools 10 years ago. One of the key factors in our accuracy over other measuring systems is the quality of materials used in our systems. The high-precision linear bearing rails on our cutting tool measuring systems are directly mounted to a granite base and upright x and z-axis to ensure maximum thermal stability.

Coefficiency of linear temperature expansion (a.k.a. CLTE) is the cause and effects of the temperature. Aluminum is .0000123/inch to .0000129 of expansion per inch of material per degree Fahrenheit, while granite is .0000044 of expansion per inch for the same measurement. Granite is four times better in thermal stability than aluminum.

Working on Shop Floor

Cleaner Tools Measure More Accurately

When dimensional precision of the cutting tool is of the utmost importance, the tool cleanliness must be taken into consideration. A single spec of dirt, dust, debris can produce false measurements and potentially create unnecessary adjustments at the machine. Our TC-BOSS Cutting Tool Steam Cleaner makes it easy.

We’ve been using the Accu-Edge for the past 90 days. The accuracy is spot-on, and the focusing is precise. We can measure our helix and radius angles more accurately than other machines we used in the past.
Tony • Rollomatic Programmer

Advanced Tooling, Inc. • Mt.Calvary, WI

World-Wide Operations

Laser Measuring Technologies has developed cutting tool measuring machines around the needs of our customers. We continually strive to bring our customers the latest technology by utilizing the most advanced components on the market. In spite of using the most advanced technology, we offer the most competitive prices ever heard of!

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